What does inflation mean for US equities?

Wednesday 18th August 2021

  • 11:30 - 12:15 pm: Q&A with Lawrence Gosling

    Speakers: Richard de Lisle  (De Lisle Partners)
    De Lisle Partners

    As inflation continues to capture newsflows, Richard de Lisle, manager of the VT De Lisle America Fund will discuss the outlook for inflation and how US equities may be affected across a range of inflationary scenarios.

What does inflation mean for US equities?

Manager of the top-performing VT de Lisle America Fund,  Richard de Lisle has been investing in US equities for over 40 years. In this session, Richard will discuss the effect of an inflationary environment in  US equities particularly in small and mid caps. 

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Richard de Lisle , Fund Manager

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This is a single manager event with De Lisle Partners and the VT De Lisle America Fund.

The event be a 45 minute Q&A with Lawrence Gosling